Since HHO6.0 come out to the world, a lot of people are interest in its new technologies and new business.

Even someone do not know it at the beginning,but at last, after i told them what is the advantage of HHO6.0. they would rather to choose it.

Remembered that,at the first time, i introduced HHO6.0 carbon cleaning machine to a British customer, but he intent on to buy our old machine kingkar3500, and this machine was already discontinued.

And due to its very less of gas production, it only can serve a little part of the cars,such as mini car and home car,but can not service trucks and bus and SUV.but its price is lower than HHO6.0, so there is still some one want to buy this mode.

With a very lower profits, we do not produce it any more.  but for a customers whose budget is not too high. This is the big problem. Now i decide to tell him what is the biggest different from Kingkar3500 to HHO6.0. That is the cleaning effect. using the old mode kingkar3500 only can serve part of the cars. And because of the small amount of gas, and also the cleaning effect is not very clearly.so the car owners do not like to pay more on service. maybe only pay USD10 for one times.

But if you use HHO6.0 to do service cleaning. its cleaning effect is very obvious.The customers see the effect of cleaning, so they are willing to pay 80 dollars to you, because they feel that the emission discharge from their car smoke tube, it is worth it.

Even HHO6.0 is higher than Kingkar3500, but the money will come back to you within one month.So why not choose HHO6.0?

At last, he followed my suggestion and choose HHO6.0, now he is very happy with its working.


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