Why choose Kingkar company

Recently one Kenya businessman found us and send an inquiry to us.

Like every client come to us, firstly, we will introduce the machines to him and tell him what is the different from others and our unique technologies and business model in the world.

He is very satisfy with the machine and very glad to do this business with us.but he ran a company and need more investment recently, if he choose us, he will be lack of money to do other things.

So this project be Forced to postpone.but we still keep this chance to him till he come to us again.

That is three months past,i keep in contact with him all the time.

As long as he come back to us,we are so happy to talk with him about this business.

Now because before we had talked enough for it and now we only need to discuss how to start this business right now?how to do it better?

Cooperation considerably smooth and we are get his payment with three days.

Thank you for his trust and supporting.

And we are sure he will be successful very soon with kingkar company supporting.

  1. Please let us check the reason why he choose us?

Its a unique new technology that all vehicle owner’s need yet they are not aware of it nor its benefits.am stepping in to teach them and to sell it to them.i make a living out of it.


  1. why choose kingkar company?

I am choosing kingkar becouse of what they are saying about how their machine works.the Internet customer support and the trust they have on their client..”singafall properties and services” being one.i have read and understood all what “kingkar” are saying. But i will prove it when i work with the machine and see the result myself.


  1. what do you think of Lily?

Lily is a resilience sales person.ready to serve her customers whenever she realizes they need her assistance. I also give her time to prove her vows and commitments.soo far very good. I give her 8 point out10.









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