Why he choose Kingkar Engine carbon cleaning machine?

Today is a very nice day,the sunny full of Junauto shop.

Kim get up very early because he had to send one machine to one shop which they make a call to him and want to buy this machine in his shop yesterday. So he promised him he will send the machine to him at tomorrow morning.

H asked someone help him to put the machine to his minibus and drive it to the engineer shop.

About hour hour later, Kim arrive at him and load the engine carbon cleaning machine to his shop.you can see from the picture, he is very happy with it.

Because only need ten minutes, he had learn how to operate it and how to maintain the machine.

When we ask him why he choose HHO engine carbon cleaning machine. He told us three sentences.

1. everyone can learn it well to operate, if there is someone is busy, other works can help him to do this service.because it do not need a specially worker to do this service.

2. The safety device will let them to do this job easily, because even so there is some small problem happen, there is one anti-back fire device, it will keep the machine in a safety situation and keep works in a very safety situation.

3. The last but not the less, after cleaning, the car owners can see there is much emission remove from the car tube when put the car in idle.only they see the black emission, they are satisfy with the cleaning result, so every car owner would like to pay USD100 on the service. They think it is worth.

That is why they make a call to Kim directly.

We do believe that with the hardworking of Kim and Kingkar company supporting, Kim will sell more and more HHO engine carbon cleaning machine in future.

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