Why Mr. Thet can decide to buy HHO in one day?

One inquiry from Myanmar, left message to us: I need more info about HHO carbon cleaner. As a sales, I contact Mr. Thet when I saw his message at the first time. Don’t let customer wait for you is the first requirement to Kingkar sales!

Luckily, Mr. Thet plays Facebook that is very convenient for our efficient communication.

After happy greeting, the first question I asked to Mr. Thet is whether your business related car? Why we ask him this question? If yes, Thet can start HHO business very easily and get profit in short time. If not, Kingkar will pay more attention on guiding how to start it easier in lowest cost. As a factory, let more people own our machine is not the final aim, win-win cooperation is the most important and the way for persistence. Thet told me he engaged in car care business and business is good. Now he would like to expand business with new service, so found HHO in internet. I was so happy that Thet has the desire to advance in career. HHO business is a profitable business with good reputation, all customers feedback show us this fact. I shared all info to Thet, Thet replied me “Your products are very good, I will order one after holiday” During those 2 weeks, Kingkar was showing HHO carbon cleaner in Canton Fair, one of the largest scale comprehensive international trade event in the world. I shared some pictures to Thet when we are discussing with many customers in booth. Even during my traveling, I responded Thet’s questions in the first time. Thet thinks Kingkar is a good company and thanks for our quick reply.

What What impresses me most is that The has high social responsibility, he donated the money for valley lunch and donated at the hospital for poor people.

Kingkar also takes social responsibility for 17 years. We offer free classes for colleges, volunteer to poor family and donate USD18 to UNICEF from each set of machine.

Only in one day, Thet has decided to buy HHO carbon cleaner and now machine sent out from Kingkar factory. High profitable product, nanny service and reliable company, what are you waiting for now?

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