Why use HHO cleaner machine + HHO cleaner agent to double clean the engine?

In 2012, Mr. Huang went to Korea for visiting some customers. One day, he came to Mr. Park’s workshop, who bought kingkar6500 carbon clean machine before, they had a deep communication about the market and carbon cleaning benefits. But Mr. Park complained that most customers expected the carbon deposit coming out from the exhaust pipe after carbon cleaning service, but it turns out not.So they doubted the machine can not clean the engine well,and not willing to pay high charge for it.

Mr. Park emphasized,We need a machine can make sure customers see the carbon deposit  directly!

Mr. Huang came back to China with lots of pressure. He called together the engineers and professors from Hunan university, to discuss and find a way to solve the problem in Korea about cleaning effect. Through 2 days meeting, finnally they agreed to find a way can make sure the double clean of the engine,and can see carbon clean effect directly.

After 286 days research and development, the team found out HHO cleaner agent. A cleaning liquid can protect and wash the engine parts during carbon cleaning process.

Since then, to match the better using of HHO cleaner agent, enginners updated the old machine into a new model HHO 6.0, it uses better material and safety devices, such as 316L stainless steel, IGBT power, 12 safety systems, new inner and outside design.

So now,with the double clean of HHO gas+ HHO cleaner agent, people can see the carbon deposit come out from the exhuast pipe directly,customers are also willing to pay high charge for the good cleaning effect.

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